Drawbacks Of Windows XP Support Withdrawal… Bad Enough To Migrate?

Microsoft Stop Getting Support For Windows XP

Microsoft Has Stopped Offering Support For Windows XP

Microsoft has announced that it will be shutting down support and updates for Windows XP come 8th April 2014. However, the operating system is still running on several PCs around the world considered that until today, XP is still Microsoft’s most successful Windows product. Withdrawing support might seem like an unfair decision for those enterprises and individuals who still have XP installed on their system although this is in line with the Support Lifecycle Policy introduced in 2002 which stated that users could expect support for Microsoft products for a minimum of 8 years. So, should you keep XP regardless of all the hype about imminent security threats?

Decisions on whether to continue running windows XP or not will entirely depend on what you use your computer for. If it is an old system on which you watch movies and play classic games, upgrading to a more recent version of Windows would not be necessary. However, if you use the computer for Internet browsing, your security could be compromised which means that you have got no option but to upgrade.

There Will Be No More Updates For Windows XP

There Will Be No More Updates For Windows XP

Enterprises which still run windows XP will be the most affected by this decision. Apart from risking customer data, it is anticipated that they might get into problems with quality assurance and standard bureaus. For instance, after the Withdrawal, Windows XP might no longer comply with the security standards set by online payment processing companies. This implies that certain controls such as those required by PCI DSS programs will fail. It is also important to note that an enterprise which continues to run Windows XP after 8th April 2014 stands the risk of having its quality assurance certificate suspended for failing to enact good measures on protecting its clients’ data. Even though some engineers are coming up with techniques to keep your copy of Windows XP safe after the withdrawal, the best option would be upgrading to 7 or 8 to avoid legal complications and other inconveniences.

Another of the problems which might be experienced by XP users is unavailability of updates for third party software. Although no one has made an announcement yet, software vendors who recently provided updates for their XP software are expected to start making withdrawals too if Microsoft will not be willing to support the platform.

You Need To Get A New Version Of Windows

You Need To Get A New Version Of Windows

Troubleshooting and getting help will also turn into hassle. Withdraw of support implies that both paid and assisted options will abruptly come to an end. As a security conscious PC user, do not wait until you experience a problem to upgrade. Even though you might need to purchase new hardware, switching to Windows 7 or 8 would be a viable decision for hassle free user experience. Note that updates for Office 2003 will also be shut off.

How Can I Tell If My Girlfriend Is Ready For The Next Level Of Intimacy?

Is She Ready For The Next Level Of Intimacy?

Is She Ready For The Next Level Of Intimacy?

Sex is a very important aspect of any romantic relationship. However, it is something which must come naturally and should not be forced on the partner. More often than not men are more ready for intimate relationship than women. If you want to take your romantic relationship to the next level of intimacy you also need to figure out whether she is ready for it or not. It is not easy to ask your girlfriend directly if she is up for it. This is the reason why you will need to look for signs to figure out if it is the right time to propose intimate relationship to her.

The Way She Talks To You Could Be A Big Hint

When you want something, some way or the other you bring that thing up in your conversations. If you want to find out whether your girlfriend is ready for the intimate relationship, observe if she has started talking about sex more. She may not directly talk on this topic but she may drop subtle hints. But sometimes she may directly talk about sex while talking to you. The conversation may not necessarily be related with you but somehow she will introduce the topic. If this is happening often then it is quite an indication that she is up for it. Of course nothing can be said with absolute certainty but the chances of she being ready are higher.

Does She Talk A Lot About How You Look?

Listen To What She Talk About

Listen To What She Talks About

When your girlfriend wants to get intimate with you she will start getting attracted towards your appearance more. If she has started complimenting your looks and your body lately then most likely she desires you physically and thinks of you. In this case you will notice her talking a lot about how you look and how she loves your appearance. In fact, she may get very specific about her compliments praising different parts of your body, such as chest, abs or biceps.

Does She Touch You Often?

It's Time To Take The Next Step

It’s Time To Take The Next Step

When you want to have an intimate relation with someone you are already comfortable with, it is difficult to resist the temptation to make physical contacts with them. You will try to touch them as often as you can. If your girlfriend finds it difficult to keep her hands off you and tries to get close to you all the time then it is quite likely that she is ready to take the relationship to the next level of intimacy. You will also observe the difference in her response to your kisses. While kissing if she seems to desire more and drops hints with inviting gestures it is an indication that she is ready to have sex. It will then only be a matter of taking her permission.

The best way to find out whether your girlfriend is up for it is by asking her directly. This should not at all be a problem if you are in a relationship for a while and are comfortable with each other.

Losing Weight Without Quitting Coffee

Don't Quit Your Coffee... Get It Into Your Diet

Don’t Quit Your Coffee… Get It Into Your Diet

Weight loss is a very common concern for almost every person these days. Lot of money is being spent worldwide on this industry. In today’s world, weight loss is as important as any other basic aspect of life. Often it involves following a strict exercise regimen, taking a healthy diet and staying away from junk food. While there are various reasons of weight gain, coffee is considered to be one of them. It is believed that staying away from coffee will help you lose weight. It is true to some extent; however, the fact remains that leaving only coffee can’t make you any fitter. If you are so much in love with coffee, you may continue taking it or minimize a little bit and still lose weight by keeping your focus on other ways of weight loss. Here are some of them among the ones which you would already know.

Drink lots of water

Water is the most crucial component of body. Most of the metabolism occurs in body due to the amount of water content available. A dehydrated body will have weaker metabolism which will result in digestion problems and even weight loss. To avoid such situation, drink more and more water throughout the day. Eight to ten glasses of water is strictly advised during a day time. Also, if you consume ice cold water, you may lose weight quickly and considerably.

Check and manage your diet

Involve Your Partner With Your Healthy Diet

Involve Your Partner With Your Healthy Diet

Plan your diet so that it involves at least three solid meals during a day. Some of us believe that skipping meals will help us lose weight, but it’s just a simple fallacy. Actually, when you skip meals, you increase your appetite and you eat unmanageably the next time. Irregular intake of calories will hamper your fitness regimen. Hence, you should have a sensible diet plan, i.e. have a proper and healthy breakfast, take something for the lunch (but don’t skip it) and have a light dinner. If this does not suffice your appetite, you can have lesser calorie snacks and salad throughout the day in regular intervals.

Set a regular exercise routine

Apart from taking a healthy diet, if you want to lose weight quickly and properly, you can’t even think of skipping physical work out. It gives you quick and healthy results. Consult your fitness trainer for a good exercise regimen to lose weight. What is most important is to be committed for whatever exercise routine you plan for yourself. Most of us start fitness efforts very enthusiastically; however, lose interest gradually due to some or the other reasons. If you are not sure of your commitments, try to bind yourself by enrolling to a gym or having a fitness partner.

Workout Daily And Watch The Results

Workout Daily And Watch The Results

Most of the fitness consultants and trainers will recommend you a certain diet plan which would also involve quitting coffee, even altogether. However, if you are consistent and disciplined in following other ways of losing weight, you may still continue to enjoy your cup of coffee the same way you have always did. You may surely compensate for your coffee intake if you are consistent in your efforts.

How To Minimize The Expenses Of Deaths And Funerals

The Lost Of A Love One Is Always Hard

The Lost Of A Love One Is Always Hard

In the recent past, the expenses related to death have increased considerably. People who are on a low income are eligible for a funeral payment from the social fund if they are receiving any income based job seeker’s allowance, pension credit, working tax credit, etc. On the other hand lot of people carry wish to carry out the funeral of their relatives/friends on their own. While they are allowed to do so, however, at such time, managing to do everything on their own usually increases their pains. Funeral expenses are purely dependent on the choice of family how they want it to take place. As the death of a person is the biggest loss a family can come across, the increasing cost of a funeral is another nightmare. Here are few ideas on how you can keep the expenses of death – funerals, taxes and more to the minimum:


You should choose a basic coffin or make it by yourself. You should know that there is no legal binding that you should use a coffin. You may get a coffin by yourself and hand it over to the funeral director. In case they are not happy with this, you may choose another funeral director.

Embalming is not that mandatory

You Might Consider Embalming

You Might Consider Embalming

This would be termed as a hygienic procedure by the funeral authorities, but is actually a toxic one. If the funeral director does have an arrangement for refrigeration, you could think of getting another funeral director.

You don’t always need a limousine

It is not really mandatory to have a long vehicle to take the coffin to funeral point. You can ask the funeral director what all options you can have. You may arrange your own vehicle as well.

Expenses on Floral tributes

If you want to minimize the cost on funeral, you could think of conventional methods of floral tributes. Each mourner can have a bunch of hand held flowers.

Expenses on Catering

Friends and acquaintances often ask to offer help by asking if there is anything that they may do. Do not shy away and let them be a part of the process. You may delegate work so that the cost of catering can be brought down.

Grave Digging

Although, this may not happen everywhere, but some of the cemeteries would allow digging the grave by yourself. Get your volunteer friends and family members to dig the grave. This will surely bring down the cost of funeral.

Services to carry the coffin to the grave

If the person who died is not too heavy built, there should be no reason why four additional paid people should carry the coffin to the grave. You don’t need four additional paid men to get this thing done. You may save some money on this service.

Home burial

Minimize The Funeral Cost

Minimize The Funeral Cost

There is no as such law which prevents someone from being buried at their own land. If the expenses of funeral are getting much more than the family could afford, you may suggest a home burial to them.

Above all, a man’s death is an eternal truth and natural phenomenon. Keeping the funeral and after wards processes expensive won’t make much of a difference. The only crucial thing which matters is the respect everyone gives to the departed soul.

Can Your Marketing Automation Software Help Targeted Marketing

Marketing Automation Software Is The Key To Success

Marketing Automation Software Is The Key To Success

To run effective lead management and demand generation processes, marketers need to respond independently to each prospect in the process of purchasing. However, given the increased volume of majority of marketing promotions, you cannot perhaps discover and reply to each sign of the purchaser interest manually. If you actually wish to target customers and the prospects with the correct information at the correct time, you will require marketing automation software that will customize the contents and automates the timings of all the marketing communications. Therefore, it is actually true that marketing automation help targeted market in the following ways:

Reach New Breed of Buyers

Within the last decade, the ability of a customer to self-educate has astronomically increased. Purchasers can use analysts, vendors, and the social media website to understand their choices and refine their individual preferences. Previously, marketing software and marketers concentrates on preparing and sending large outbound emails. Currently, if you hope to assist customers to consider and choose your products and services, then you need to use marketing automation which offers accurate information that buyers require as they move through the process of buying.

Atract New Potential Buyers

Atract New Potential Buyers

By assisting people observe and understand the digital body language of a prospect buyer, marketing automation can assist you in determining where customers are situated in the process of buying and what is of great importance to them. Lead scoring is an important part of any kind of marketing automation platform that allows people to categorize the observations so that they determine whether the purchaser is ready for a chat with sales or need to be held back and cared for with the high-value web contents until the buying signals emerge.

Personalizing Contents to Buyer Roles

As you are looking to deliver the correct messages at the correct time, you need to make sure your contents are highly personalized to the roles of each buyer in the organization. Executive buyers will automatically respond to the various messages than their workers and those in the marketing department will reply to the various concepts than the ones in the Human resource departments.

Personalizing Your Web Contents

Personalizing Your Web Content Is Important

To actually segment various messages, you will need to be in a position to trust the data that is in the marketing database. Regardless of where the data comes from, it require to be standardized and cleansed continually. Majority of today’s marketing automation solution offers some kind of built-in data management systems. This personalized approach to the significance as per the content, timing and targeting of each of the marketing messages can only be prosperous when it is accomplished with the marketing automation. By automating the primary lead scoring, data management and nurture marketing, you can successfully understand the potential purchasers and deliver the correct messages to them.